The future of online casinos

The future of online casinos


The future of online casinos is going to be very different in the next few years, and not just because of the advent of the Apple Watch. Online gaming is going to be revolutionised by the coming of the new digital currency, Bitcoin. And this will not just be a case of some wagering shops using the currency, but it will become an integral part of a broader digital economy.

At the moment, online betting and casinos are run on the outdated concept of the credit card, and this is because the banking system has a monopoly on the process of handling payments. There is some debate over how the future will play out, but there is no doubt that online casinos, and in particular, Bitcoin casinos will have a future in online gaming.

We live in a world of greater surveillance and on-demand data collection, and so it should come as no surprise that the government is cracking down on the use of cash. The war on terror has given us decades of evidence that, if the authorities want to get something done, they will find a way to do it, and there is no evidence at all that they are any more democratic or lawful than they have been in the past.

That is not to say that cash in some form will be extinct tomorrow, but it should be clear that คาสิโน will be the weapon of choice when it comes to transactions and privacy. Bitcoin is the only form of currency where spending can be anonymous and even transfer it to a new recipient without the attention of the authorities.

Right now, for example, the authorities can track the payments made by a sender, and where the money goes from that point. It can also be traced to where the Bitcoin was sent from, but this form of surveillance is very limited. When making a payment, the entire transaction must go through the same Bitcoin exchange, and so the authorities are not able to see the amount transferred.

Similarly, this surveillance is no different when the Bitcoin is used for gambling online. The fees are too high for a casual punter, but regular players who pay for their Bitcoin using the exchange will be able to see and track their transactions. All of the private and anonymous dealings of the account holder are thus mirrored by the exchange.

This is a model that is already used in a number of gambling sites and some of the largest Bitcoin casinos, so it is more than likely that it will become the standard form of online gambling. This is because there is no limit to how much a gambler can bet, and, in reality, most people do not want to bet much over a period of time.

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